TMCRVP V4 Chapter 4 (update)!

Hi campers~

I’m on the verge of fainting into sleep right now so I can only say on thing for now….

I’m sorry for the long wait T.T

But here’s Vol 4 Chapter 4~

I hope you all enjoy it as well~

And now, this bunny shall enter the dreamland…zzz…zz.z..



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5 replies

  1. My sleeping schedule are suck too hahaha

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  2. Thank you so much , for the update.


  3. Thank you so much , for the update.i can’t wait for them to meet up.


  4. My sleeping pattern is horrible… I have insomnia.. slept like 3-4 hours only daily…

    Ahhhh I can’t wait until those two meet… Ling Xiao probably will try his best to run away from gay man hahahaha


  5. How many chapters are theor in total in volume 4? When will this be updated?

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