TMCRVP V4 Chapter 3 (update)!

Hi campers~

Sorry for the long wait T.T, this bunny’s day job has been pretty physically demanding recently and was dead tired once I got back… Once my sched is not hectic, I’ll be sure to pick my slack up again, but I’ll definitely do my best to post within three days intervals regardless.

And with that said, here’s Vol 4 Chapter 3 for you all to enjoy 😀

Bonbon, signing out~


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6 replies

  1. Thank you so much


  2. that meme is literally my life…


    • whoops, didn’t finish my question.

      Anyways, here it is:

      It says on your notices that on April 23 you’re releasing 3-4 Chapters? Is this true or naw?

      Many thanks for translating this wonderful story ^^

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      • Ohh sorry bout the misunderstanding, what I meant by that is that by april 23 3-4 chapters had already been updates for vol 4 since i posted that schedule, kind of like milestone and reminder for me (as well as self pressure I guess? Haha) I’ll try to post it in a clearer way next time~

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  3. I’m enjoying this series so much!!! Thank you for translating it, and you’re doing a great job with it. XD I’m ready for our leads to rediscover one another haha.

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