DKPM Teaser~ spoiler alert though.

Hi campers,

Last time I posted a teaser for LWDA. Now its the Devil King’s Political Marriage turn~

But before you read, I just like to let you know that reading this might be considered a spoiler, but I wrote it just enough to introduce you guys to the basic set up of the story and more insights on the main pairing~ Read this only if you want to know more what DKPM is about to help you with the voting.

And for those who haven’t voted yet, don’t forget to vote~ LWDA and DKPM is on a close fight as of now, but DKPM is leading πŸ˜€

Anyway, here’s the teaser for DKPM!




The MC was an excelling soldier that earned the praises of the commanding officers and the ire of the soldiers failing the training in the same batch as him.

The ML was titled legendary demon because of his grim and blood thirsty laugh when he crushes his opponents in the battlefield as well as being practically untouchable.Β He belonged to a mysteriously evolved human race or a new life form in the universe according to some people. He was known as the ‘man’ who hated humanity and had wage war against the mankind for two thousand years.

The human federation had advanced to creating space travel and warp points in different galaxies almost covering half of the universe, but they can no longer plot further on the other uncharted half of the universe, as it belonged to the ML’s territory.

The MC was a part of an infantry called Homing Specter and during his assignment in the battlefield against the ML. Their squadron had an equipment that can turn invisible, and their infantry specializes in assassination. But of course there is a downside to the special ability of the squad or else it will be too OP! You’ll know more in the actual chapter XD

MC was a very disciplined and brave soldier. He was dedicated in training and had excellent results that is why the commanding officers was fond of him. So when the ruling class of the federation relayed the orders of the MC to be married off to the enemy in exchange of a peace talk, the commanding officers that was fond of the MC (due to his naive simplicity and hard working perseverance) was indignant but was powerless to contend against selling their best soldier off and the other soldiers envious of the MC’s superior abilities and military achievements condescendingly mocked him about it. It didn’t phase the MC though and he was determined to accomplish the mission his commanding officers had given to him and promises to do his best(though he was frightened by the concept).

When the ML was introduced, he was badass hahah! Even though the human federation people unconsciously aimed all their guns at him when he gave the MC a sudden first visit, he just casually ignored all of them and bluntly asked ‘I’m looking for my future wife, you people, did properly clean him up?” I lol’ed at the reaction of the federation military guys since they are hard-boiled type and it was already humiliating for them that they had to submit to the ML’s demands even at their own land since they can’t defeat him. One thing I could describe the ML, he had the force! And the way he crushed his opponents was like he’s just playing around, over powered alert hahah. The ML liked picking fights so there will be definitely actions scenes I have to translate aside from other action packed scene(pray for my brain cells O.O) but they are amazing so far. There are also some calculation theories in there as well as space theories, both I’m so unfamiliar with so I hope I survive those T.T!

There’s also a cheeky character that I’m afraid you guys will roast in the comment section but it’s satisfying how the MC deals with that troublesome character. I don’t to want go on details since that character is a part of a great build up on early chapters(especially on the main pairing), but I can’t wait to see you guys how you all will react to that character x’D

But the novel really did lived up to its title, as there is a great tone of politics in the story. There are definitely contrasting factions in the federation making decisions on how to retaliate against the ML, characters that are brewing plans to earn his alliance so they will rule the federation themselves,Β  constant battle of supremacy in the ranks, as well as people that keep trying to one-up the MC thinking they are better than him and that he was only a second-rate soldier in their eyes.

The MC might sound simple in the summary, but the author delves in to the contrasting emotion of the MC who obeys military orders due to his discipline and loyalty, and his personal feelings of confusion on why his battle had turned out in this way. But he is definitely sincere, valiant, and honestly upfront that he the very embodiment of his title’ hero in the battlefield’.

The ML was definitely not in love with the MC when he demanded the marriage, but there was a magnetic pull in his brainwaves that he felt that is connected to the MC that he never felt before, giving him an inexplicable attraction. For him, MC is a great enemy he can’t wait to fall in his hands, and marriage is one way to reel him in.

And the MC hated the ML because he had killed a lot of the MC’s comrades in the battlefield, innocent human civilians, and his fear of the ML’s limitless power and bloodthirsty-ness. He might agreed to the marriage, but he is definitely not a pushover even to the all mighty ML feared by all. (Actually, he kind of reminded me of Zi Li :’D)

But that was their feelings in the start of the story. The ML was the first to start realizing his true feelings.Β So when the MC in inevitable need of help, the ML be like ‘but on one condition’ and he’ll ask flirty stuff (but not the hard stuff, yet haha) for the MC to do. It was kinda amusing how the MC was flustered about it because the ML is being annoying about it hahah!

The author did great with the action-packed chapters that I held my breath reading them, but there are also some funny and sad moments as well. It will definitely a challenging project for me since this may be my first galactic story to translate if this won the poll. But hell from what I read so far, its amazing~ And during the supposedly bridal night, there will be a surprising reveal…

And that’s it for the teaser~

Thanks for reading~

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  1. I’m so excited for this novel.
    I love the “enemies turn to lovers” trope, I’m sure I will enjoy it a lot
    Thank you for the teaser! I hope this one wins the poll.

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  2. Sounds interesting πŸ™‚ i’m looking forward to it

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  3. I really love this king of plot..hope this will win in the voting.looking forward for this translation..😍😍😍 thank you 😘

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