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Hi campers~

I couldn’t stop myself from reading more on Leashing a wolf during apocalypse last night. And damn, so far so good and exciting~ I’m currently at chapter 17 and what I can tell you about it, not in detailed though since if this was picked then the surprise will be lost hahah! Just enough to make you all drool in anticipation *snickers*

Major spoiler alert! Click that back arrow if you don’t want to be spoiled till this project is to be translated! It’s better actually to not read spoilers for this because the build up of the story is great, but if you wanted to know more about the novel, then you may proceed reading! It won’t be a detailed spoiler though but just an idea on what to expect in earlier chapters~

First off is the side characters introduced. And daammn~ most of them are axxholes! I get that in a dog eat dog world during apocalypse, your own survival is the most important thing, and as readers, we wanted them to survive. But once you know about those side characters and their douchebaggery, you will anticipate in excitement on how will they get eaten or killed!

And for the main pairing, wow… They are so lovable(for me). Both of them had tragic origin story/ backstory but the ML’s one is just ugh… It seems that after the ML was started to be experimented on, he started losing his human instincts in both physical and mental aspect, but once the apocalypse started and the experimented beasts started mutating due to the virus in their body, the ML started to recover his memories in the past so he slowly regain his human side.

Once he transformed back into human, he was a hot damn thing(heheh well according to the author’s description) and MC thought girls would flock him if they saw the ML. The MC be like: “I’ll put a collar on him, and I’ll stop any humans, animals, monster from getting close to him.”

And the ML be like: “You said I can stay by your side, so I’ll never leave you, and I won’t let you leave my side.”

(Bonbon note: They actually said those word by word! I translated it so I didn’t make them up hahah)

The ML has that childlike manners on him such as in eating and speaking since he’s just relearning his human side, but he has a very perceptive and critical mind on people’s hidden intention(sharpened by his tragic past). And he is already falling in love at this point to the MC.

The MC still is not on the same wavelength as the ML but he only trusts and open his heart on the ML and was very protective on his wolf awww!

This couple is such a fluffy fun read on the early chapters, I’m fearing for the incoming angst for them T.T

And for the setting of the story, daaayuuumm! The author did great! The reason I couldn’t put it down last night that I read up to ch. 17 is that her building up of the beginning of the rebirth and the start of the apocalypse is like those in hollywood zombie movies~ Though she didn’t focused on the supplies gathering and building bases part, but she introduces characters and their motives that will later play a turning points on the plot as well as the factions that the main pairing may have to face. The author also fleshes out the consequences of the beginning of the zombie outbreak for humanity.

There was this major character who is Song Xiao Hu like, wanting to save innocent people the best he can, and in the pre-rebirth life of the MC, this major character became one of the powerful influential leaders of the zombie-era. But after the rebirth, he became the MC’s next door neighbor. That character has still that same ‘save those in need’ outlook and saved some people(with little help from MC) but too bad for him, they were douches. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m looking forward to their satisfying demise.

And one last tease, most of the important characters introduced are people that MC had dealings before, and the way the MC is calculative towards them after rebirth was amusing x’D

Anyway, I’ll be reading more chapters in the Demon King’s political marriage during my short break and will post a teaser like this as well~

But for now, hold on to your s’mores and set up your tents!

Bonbon will do my best to cook up some more danmei goodies~

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