HMH Chapter 28 (update)!

Hey campers, still sitting around the camp fire?

Bonbon’s done cooking up the last chapter of Volume 1 of His Majesty’s hostage!

And with this, I finished another volume! (wipe tears of joy~)

Without further ado, here’s HMH Chapter 28!

As for Bonbon, this bunny shall take a two day refresher and will be back to work on Vol 4!

I just like to apologize for the editing errors and typo’s… And thanks for the commenters who pointed them out so I could fix them~ I hope you all continue to help pointing them out since Bonbon is doing this solo~

Thanks again for reading guys~ Hope you all had a nice day today~

Hong Xu and Zi Li be like:

Related image

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  1. Hi, thanks for translating this story. I really enjoy it. I binge-read the whole thing in one go. Not to put pressure on you or something, can I ask when the next chapter starts to become available?
    Thanks and more power. Keep up the good work!!

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